Get to know Peace Lutheran’s 3-prong mission. We call it The Big Three.
Come As You Are | Be Transformed | Make A Difference

Here’s what they mean:

Come As You Are


At Peace, we BELIEVE that church is not a place, it is people! We are ordinary, everyday people who meet Jesus just the way we are. We are just real people in search of an authentic relationship with the ONE who made us for life in HIM! Whether you are a long time follower of Jesus or your walk with Him is just beginning, it is our desire to welcome you into a family made up of families that together are seeking to live out their faith.

Be Transformed


At Peace, we believe that while Jesus meets us where we are, His desire is always growth. It is our deepest desire to partner with and to equip individuals and households toward the kind of spiritual growth that can stand up to the challenges of this world and uncover the amazing opportunities that Jesus has in store for us.

Make A Difference


At Peace, we believe that our homes are the first place that Jesus calls us to live out our faith. As a family made up of families, we believe that Jesus brings our homes together to make a difference in the community that He has placed us in. It is our desire to live in a way that touches the lives in this city, whether it be people that live next door or in our city’s shelters. From children to teens and adults, we believe that God has gathered us together in this place and at this time to make a difference!