Couple’s Events

Throughout the year, we offer amazing “marriage building” events where you can meet friends and enjoy time with your significant other.

Marriage Retreat

Our retreats revitalize your marriage, building stronger bonds, and strengthening your love for each other.

Couple’s Night Out

Each Fall, we plan a date night for our couple’s to enjoy some time together.

Men’s Events

Besides our weekly Bible Studies, we offer opportunities to hang out together and sharpen our perspective and faith.

Guy Night

Each August, we get together for some smoked food and digging into God’s Word.

Man Feast

For over 15 years, 500 men gather together for food, fellowship, and inspiration.

Women’s Events

Besides our weekly Bible Studies, we offer other opportunities to cultivate friendships and explore our faith together.


Be inspired and encouraged in your walk of faith, with other followers of Christ.

Advent by Candlelight

Come together in an intimate setting, preparing room for Jesus as the Advent Season begins.