Be transformed through the ministries of Peace Lutheran Church. Watch as God’s Word works

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to you at Peace. There is something for every age group, every situation.

Children & Family

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MARRIAGE MATTERS will give participants a truly Biblical understanding of marriage. It sets this gift from God in the greater vision of a covenant relationship, two people brought together by God to help each other live out God’s covenant relationship with them. It shifts the purpose of marriage from I’m here to get pleasure and have my needs met to I’m here to love and serve my spouse unconditionally just as Christ loves and serves me unconditionally.

Student Ministries

Community Outreach & Missions

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Transformative Discipleship

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ENGAGE is for anyone interested in becoming a engaged, active, mission-minded member of Peace Lutheran Church.  We cover basic Lutheran teachings from God’s Word, help connect participants with the body of believers at Peace, and offer them a variety of ways to be engaged with groups and ministries that share Christ’s love with others at Peace, in the community and the world beyond.

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Men’s Ministries

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Women’s Ministries

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Life Groups

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Worship Arts

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